Environmental awareness

We focus on nature protection, sustainability, and ecological conscience through education and actions to reduce ocean plastic contamination.


the issue

The lack of environmental education and poor waste management affect the coastal environment in the region of Huanchaco. Such pollution hinders the well-being of the local community, while threatening tourism activities on which the inhabitants of Huanchaco heavily depend.


Our #HuanchacoLimpio (clean Huanchaco) campaign in the local market.

our solution

We tackle the local environmental trash issue through education, awareness-raising, and the implementation of eco-friendly initiatives, such as recycling, practices to reduce the production of waste, and beach clean-ups. We do so both at the community scale, as well as through collaboration with local businesses and other organizations.
Additionally, because people are more likely to protect what they love, surfing is a great tool to promote environmental awareness and inspire action.


long-term vision

We wish to expand the reach of our educational talks, beach clean-ups and solution-providing campaigns throughout the local community, in order to raise environmental awareness, promote sustainable actions, and involve not only the Share The Wave children, but also local stakeholders such as fishermen, business owners, tourists, and citizens.

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