Social empowerment


We promote social equality and inclusion by empowering the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Peru.


surfing for development

We currently work with children from Huanchaco and Alto Trujillo (Peru), providing them with a safe space where they can be what they should be: happy kids. Surfing is key to realize our social activities, as we teach surfing to these youngsters and supply the equipment and the support they need to regularly practice this sport.

With surfing, they are given the opportunity to develop new, life-long skills, values, and self-confidence, while working towards their social integration by providing access to a sport and environment that is normally inaccessible to the majority.

Furthermore, we actively involve our youngsters in the cultural and environmental aspects of our project in order to broaden their horizons and help shape a complete and open-minded local future generation.


long-term vision

We hope to be able to welcome more children, thus creating a larger community of young people who will be encouraged to be advocates of change in their own social circles, defending sustainable lifestyles and cultural subsistence as a mean to increase the quality of life in poor areas.


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