Our work


Share The Wave is a non-profit organization, legally formed under Swiss law. We are active in the World Surf Reserve of Huanchaco (Peru), where we work to promote social inclusion and empowerment of the underprivileged youth, as well as the continuity of the local cultural heritage and environmental conscience and action. To intertwine and connect these 3 key elements of sustainable development, we use the watersport of surfing, which is directly related to each focus point and serves as common ground.


Social empowerment

We promote social equality and inclusion by empowering the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Peru through surfing.

cultural Heritage

We connect the new generations to the ancestral local fishing tradition, and Peruvian cultural heritage, of the “caballito de totora”, which is believed to be the first form of surfing.

environmental awareness

We target the issues of environmental (especially marine) contamination due to the generation of trash and focus on simple and effective initiatives to reduce/avoid it.